• All the Kendo tools are produced and strictly controled according to German safety standards.
• We have established complete and comprehensive assessment system of products quality. Our delicated QC & QA team ensures the effective quality control for all our products.
• Test Centers Saame in-house testing center is comprised of Cutting tool, hand tool and power tool laboratories.
Our testing center is certified by CNAS (China National Accrediation Serivce) since 2016 and power tool laboratory is certified by ITS.
We can carry out various kinds of testing including:
  • • Hand tool laboratory:  Torque test
    Pulling and bending test
    Hardness test
    Salt spray test
  • • Cutting tool laboratory: Material chemical component analysis
    Metallographics analysis
    Geometry dimension check
    Cutting performance test
  • • Power tool laboratory: Endurance test
    Bending test
    Heat test
    Electric strength test
• Technical Support Delicated engineering and quality assurance staffs in
our testing center provide various kinds of technical
support service.
Drawings and documents have been changed to 
online technical supports for our quality improvement.
Name Position Career Experience Background
Gu Dejin Technical Engineer 51 years Guan Zhong Tool Works - Prodution Manager
Xu Liyan Quality Manager 34 years Harbin Tool Works - Head of Inspection Department
Bao Huating Quality Manager 50 years Shanghai Tools Works - Head of Inspection Department
Zhao Xin Factory Quality Manager 31 years Harbin Tool Works - Inspection Supervisor
Ding Meirong Senior Inspector 37 years Shanghai Tools Works - Inspection Supervisor
Yang Chaoyue Senior Inspector 40 years Shanghai Tools Works - Inspection Supervisor
Jiao Hong Senior Inspector 31 years Han Jiang Tool Works - Senior Sales Engineer